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Why You Should Make Waxing and Polishing Your Car a Habit


Man on a car wash polishing car with a polish machineWaxing your car means putting a layer of protection on so there is a barrier created protecting its finish against the nasty stuff in the outside air. Polishing will enhance your vehicle’s appearance by giving it a fantastic finish. How you polish and wax makes a lot of difference in achieving that fantastic look.



Why You Should Make Waxing and Polishing Your Car a Habit

Keeping your vehicle looking as good as it did coming off the lot or assembly line is one reason to make waxing and polishing a practice for your vehicle. Each car owner has their own idea on how their car should look, and some have their own maintenance schedule. This list is what everyone should use for their waxing and polishing habit to keep their car looking its best.

  1. Swirls and Holograms-Swirl marks appear in your vehicle’s paint system when performing improper procedures during the polishing or waxing, and holograms are buffer trails left behind when you buff your car. Automatic car washes can often cause these to appear on your finish. People can remove these marks; however, professional detail companies are better equipped.
  2. Return the Original Look- Over time, the paint system needs rejuvenating as it will become dull, faded, and appear to have a hazy or cloudy look. Waxing and polishing your car will return its shine and get it looking like new again. Professionals have the necessary equipment to apply this process and get you a spectacular look.
  3. Scratches around Door Handles-Keys, fingernails, and rings are terrible on door handles. Polishing these marks out by hand works great.
  4. Showing your Car-If you present your car at a show, rubbing it has a lot of advantages. A good polishing will bring your car’s finish to a whole new level of clarity and depth. A professional detail company will provide an outstanding finish to your vehicle’s original look. If you do the polishing on your own, you should use a gentle orbital machine, so you do not dig into the paint.
  5. Yearly Waxing and Polishing Habit- Polishing your car once a year is recommended by most dealers. Establishing a waxing schedule at least once a year can add extended life to your vehicle’s finish.

General Rules for Waxing and Polishing

Many people think that their new car has come off the assembly line with a perfect paint job. They do not realize how many factors can cause a car’s paint to become flawed. Often small particles of dust fall onto the undried paint, and the manufacturer will use an abrasive material to remove them.

When you notice minor flaws in your car’s paint, it is possible to rub them out without compromising your paint system. You do have to be extremely careful when performing this task so you don’t remove the paint. Seek advice from a car care specialist before attempting, so you don’t jeopardize your car’s appearance. Professional detail companies have the experience to understand the depth of polishing your car needs and will make sure that your car receives the best care.

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