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Which Rhino Lining Best Matches Your Needs

When it comes to truck bed applications, Rhino lining is considered the best for protecting your truck, trailer floor or marine coatings. Established as a global leader in spray-in lining applications, the Rhino reputation expands from personal protection to commercial, industrial and military purposes. In regions where atmospheric moisture is high such as Toledo OH, choosing to protect your truck with a sprayed-on bed liner just makes sense.

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Rhino Lining Provides Superior Protection

Truck beds are subject to the scratching and scraping that mars painted surfaces and leads to corrosion. With Lake Erie influencing both the summer humidity and winter snowfall in Toledo OH, rust protection is a front-of-mind issue for residents.

Sprayed-on truck bed lining applications create a non-skid surface that also deadens noise while it protects the truck bed from corrosion. It makes your truck bed impervious to abrasion and impact as well as providing a barrier to harmful chemicals. Consider protecting other susceptible areas of your truck such as the lower rocker panels and inside on the door jams.

The Sprayed-On Bed Liner Application Process

The process of applying sprayed-on truck bed liners is straight forward. Once the bed is clear of all items, it is scuffed to prepare the surface. It needs “teeth” to grab hold of the spray-in lining, which is applied directly permanently sealing the surface within seconds. The seamless membrane is ready for light use immediately and regular use within 24 hours of application.

From start to finish, it can take from 2 to 8 hours to complete the application depending on how much equipment needs to be removed from the truck and whether or not the scuffing is performed by hand or using power tools. UV protection and color-matching are available, allowing for a fade that is commensurate with the rest of the vehicle’s susceptibility. You could decide to go with a black liner without worrying about color-matching or UV protection that would eventually only fade to a charcoal gray.

Choose the Sprayed-On Bed Liner that Suits Your Needs

Are you hauling materials from the back of your truck for fun and pleasure? Are you hauling gear for the job such as a truckload of rock and shovels? Are you using your truck for moving furniture? There is a Rhino lining for all purposes.

1. Rhino Hardline Lining — Rhino’s toughest truck bed lining protecting against heavy impacts and scratching. It provides superior compression resistance. It is applied to personal or commercial vehicles as well as heavy equipment. It works well on flooring and loading ramps, too.

2. Rhino TuffGrip™ ranks as the world’s best sprayed-on bed liner with better color stability and unmatched tensile strength. This lining application is widely used on vehicles, boats, trailers, building, flooring and for military purposes.

3. Rhino SolarMax™ brings a unique aliphatic formulation that combines the best tensile strength with the ultimate in color and UV protection. This formulation is so good it is used on fire hydrants and for safety curbs, emergency lanes and parking zones.

Rhino backs their sprayed-on truck bed liners with a nationwide guarantee. Contact your Toledo OH auto body shop for more information and to get a quote on just the right lining to fit your needs.

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