stages of rust z one automotive
Z-One Automotive Car Problems The Stages of Rust

The Stages of Rust

stages of rust z one automotive

stages of rust z one automotive











Nothing’s worse than seeing a spot of rust appear on your automobile. Even having taken the best care of this vehicle possible, rust has managed to take hold. You want to know how this happened to your favorite wheels. This will explain the stages of rust and how it appeared on your vehicle.

Stages of Rust and How it Appeared on Your Vehicle

Rust occurs on your vehicle through a process of decay. When oxygen and iron come into contact with water, it starts the decomposition process. Iron-based metals, such as that in your car, battle oxidation despite coatings and alloys to protect them.

Even though you protect your vehicle, its unstable chemical makeup will always leave it vulnerable. When you understand the process of this decay, you can find ways to address the problem. Caring for your vehicle means you can keep it on the road longer. These are the stages of how the corrosion has begun to affect your car or truck.

Scale 0

Scale 0 appears as no signs of cracking or bubbling of paint bubbles on the painted surface. You do not see any pitting or etching on the surfaces, and there will be no sign of corrosion. There is no compromise to your car’s finish at this stage.

Scale 1

Scale 1, or surface rust will have your painted surface displaying paint bubbles. These bubbles will break open to reveal the beginning of corrosion on the metal. It will appear as white, black, or red and may accompany minor etching or pitting in the metal as well.

Scale 2

Scale 2 will appear as a powdery or granular condition on your painted surface. This type of corrosion will show up as a white, black, or red deposit on your vehicle. You may also notice pitted or etched areas on the metal parts of your car.

Scale 3

When your vehicle hits the third stage, or scale rust, you will see corrosion deposits on the surface. These will be similar to those in Stage 2 except by this time the metal has become unsound and you will see pin holes beginning to appear. In this stage, there is much more surface damage present.

Stage 4

By the time your vehicle has entered Stage 4 or penetrating rust, corrosion has advanced so far your car’s metal will have been thoroughly penetrated. This stage is the most severe stage as the corrosion has completely eaten through the metal of your vehicle. Holes will have appeared in the body of your car where there is no metal remaining.

Corrective Measures

Each stage of corrosion has preventive measures you can complete to help stop or slow down this decaying process. Cleaning the area well and applying a corrosion control are one way to suspend or halt the process. The experts at Z-One Auto Appearance can help you choose the right product to get rid of corrosion. They also have preventative care products to help you avoid further decay.

Protection for your Vehicle

You bring that shiny new car home; your intent is to keep it looking good as long as possible. Call Z-One Auto to receive a preventative sealant for both the under and upper body of your car. If you have an older car, it’s not too late to call them for a thorough body power wash and applicant of protection to keep your vehicle looking its best.

You and your vehicle deserve the best protection against corrosion. Contact Z-One Automotive today for a free quote.

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