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The Five Most Common Causes of Tire Failure in Cars

Tire related failures are some of the most dangerous accidents that could happen when driving. The sudden loss of control is very unexpected and could catch even the most experienced driver off guard. The debris left by the blown out tire can also pose a threat to other drivers on the road. By learning about the common causes of tire failure, driving can become much safer for everyone on the road.
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1. Underinflation
This is one the most common cause of tire failure. Underinflated tires will run much hotter and will wear out the tires faster. They have the potential to run dangerously hot especially when driving on the freeway on the summer. The excessive heat can cause tread separation and a sudden tire blowout. Although places like Toledo OH are not known for their very hot summers, the extra heat will still wear out the tires faster. In order to avoid underinflation, make sure to check your tire pressures occasionally.

2. Overinflation
Many people increase their tire pressures to save fuel. Like most things, too much of anything is never a good thing and the same applies for tire pressures. Too much tire pressure makes the tires more vulnerable to damage. The increased stiffness of the tires would reduce its ability to absorb bumps and the probability of acquiring a puncture is increased. To prevent overinflating the tires, follow the recommended pressures for the tires and use proper equipment when measuring tire pressures.

3. Overloading
Tires carry the weight of the entire vehicle in addition to the passengers and any additional load that they bring. Although overloading more of an issue in bigger vehicles, this can also be a problem on regular cars especially when moving heavy objects when moving places. Pushing the tires to its limit can cause failure and additional damage to the car. Make sure to check the tires’ load rating when driving with heavy loads.

4.Worn Out and Old Tires
Whether the tires have been driven for tens of thousands of miles or sat in the garage for years, these tires are very prone to giving out. Worn out tires have little tread remaining in them which contributes to less traction. This is especially dangerous when driving on rainy areas like Toledo OH. Old unused tries show little wear on the treads but the rubber itself has deteriorated. As time goes by, the rubber loses elasticity and becomes harder – making it brittle. Tires should replaced often and should never be driven too long.

5. Installation Errors
Like every component of a car, tires must be installed properly. If you are not aware how to properly install your tires, go to a tire shop and let the technicians do it. Improperly installed tires can shorten the lifespan of the tires and can increase the risk of failure.

It is very important to take care of your tires. Cars are a big part of our everyday life and we can not afford to lose our ability to drive. By finding out what causes tire failures, we can take steps to prevent the worst from happening.

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