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The Benefits of Utilizing Scotchguard Paint Protector on Your Car

There’s nothing like a high-quality paint job on a car. Unfortunately, this beautiful finish won’t last forever, especially if it’s out in the sun. There are many different methods and solutions that will help slow this process down. However, the most effective solution for this problems is Scotchguard

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What is Scotchguard?

Scotchguard is a thin urethane film that protects a vehicle from degrading processes. This will allow a car to look in its top condition for a noticeably longer period of time. This film is completely transparent and doesn’t change the color of a car in anyway. Scotchguard is especially useful for vulnerable areas on a car, such as the bumper, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels and rear fender panels. Most of all, this protective film ultimately increases and preserves the retail value of a car. This product can easily be found in almost any Toledo OH automotive shop.

The Benefits of Scotchguard

Although there are many other films available on the market, Scotch Guard has many benefits, features and advantages over other films. Aside from that, the brand itself is a very trustworthy and respectable business. One of the most notable advantages it has over other films is its remarkable transparency. Many other films on the market change the color of a car to some degree, while Scotch Guard doesn’t. It’s also very scratch and stain resistant when compared to other brands of protective film. However, the most amazing thing about this product is its unusual ability to make scratches and other marks disappear all together. No other product is known for this. Better yet, Scotch Guard is highly durable and completely maintenance-free.

Should You Install Scotchguard Yourself?

Scotch Guard can be pretty much applied anywhere on a car that will prevent scratches, chips and other stains. It’s not recommended for a person to install Scotch Guard themselves. Installment done by a 3M certified installer is the best and most effective route to go. An unqualified person attempting to install the film may lead to more problems. Most importantly, the warranty of Scotch Guard is only valid when it’s installed by a certified professional, so a personĀ  installing it themselves is rather pointless.

The warranty for this protective layer lasts for a total of seven years from when it was first purchased. This includes coverage for defects, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. Although Scotch Guard is intended to be permanent, it can be removed without causing any damage to the paint. Certified professional installers can be found in many different areas across the country, especially Toledo OH.

No other product comes close to the effectiveness and durability of Scotch Guard. This excellent film will preserve the sharp looks of any paint job for many years to come. Installment and product pricing is relatively cheap and won’t even come close to breaking the bank. However, the rewards pay themselves off ten fold. Very few companies offer the kind of warranty that Scotch Guard does, and this is because they have plenty of confidence and pride in their product.

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