Z-One Automotive Rhino Linings The Benefits of Using Rhino Linings on Your Car During Winter

The Benefits of Using Rhino Linings on Your Car During Winter

Winter weather in Toledo OH can wreak havoc on your car on the outside and on the inside as well. Both driver and passengers can trudge slush, snow, ice, salt, water, and mud into the car and completely ruin the floor mats. That’s why many car owners have turned to Rhino Linings. The company is long known for protecting the beds of pick-up truck with an impenetrable layer of sealant. That sealant not only prevents wear and tear on the truck bed, it keeps water, snow, mud, ice, or anything else from causing the truck bed to rust and decay. Now car owners are protecting their floor mats with it as well.


The Benefits

The lining is waterproof, durable, versatile, attractive, and customizable. This is just what car owners need to keep the slush and detritus spawned by winter weather from destroying the interior of their cars. This lining will protect the car’s carpeting, keep the vehicle from getting a horrible dank odor and help to maintain its value as well. Few people would be willing to pay any significant sum of money for a vehicle with slush stained, smelly floor mats and carpeting. Plus few car owners enjoy driving cars that are damaged this way.

Easy To Use

One of the strengths of Rhino Linings is that it’s easy to use. In a matter of minutes it can be installed over your car’s carpeting. Plus it’s customizable so you can always get a perfect fit. It is also easy to remove, clean, and reinsert. All it takes is a rag and a little soap and water to keep it looking good. This can make all the difference in the world during winter months when children, adult, and pets get into your automobile dripping buckets of slush and sludge off their boots, umbrellas, and clothing. By simply having the lining installed in your car you can protect your car’s carpeting and mats and help to keep your car’s flooring looking good while prolonging its life.


Unprotected carpeting and floor mats are expensive to maintain during winter months. Car owners would have to get the floorcovering in their vehicles shampooed every week. This can cost a pretty penny. Having the ruined carpeting and mats replaced costs even more. Plus imagine having to do it every year when winter is over. With the lining your car’s floorcovering will be protected forever when you pay the price of having it made once. Nothing matches the affordability and effectiveness of this type of covering when it comes to protecting the mats and carpeting of your car.

Winter weather in Toledo OH can be a bear. And it can take a serious toll on the floor of your car. The decision to get a good floor covering for your car is a no-brainer. Especially one that’s:

1. Waterproof
2. Durable
3. Versatile
4. Easy to use
5. Customizable
6. Attractive
7. Affordable

Contact your local body shop and ask about having Rhino Linings installed.

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