Z-One Automotive Remote Starter The Benefits of Installing a Remote Starter in Your Car This Winter

The Benefits of Installing a Remote Starter in Your Car This Winter

When you buy a new car today, many vehicles come with accessories that may seem like science-fiction additions. From rearview cameras to Bluetooth connectivity, today’s vehicles have every bell-and-whistle on the market. The remote starter has been around for many years too. It allows you to start your car from your house or office, for example, so that it’s idling when you arrive at the door. You may think this particular accessory isn’t worth the investment, but it’s entirely important during the winter. Consider how you’ll benefit from a remote-start device as you live and work in Toledo OH.

Car remote key with lock unlock window up and trunk open circle buttons

• Better Visibility

When you start your car on a cold, winter’s day, your windshield often has ice or other moisture on its exterior. For most drivers, you simply scrape it off and drive with some impaired visibility until the car warms up. However, this impaired driving can be dangerous when combined with other conditions on the road. Using a remote start gives you a chance at warming the interior and windshield glass. When you walk out to your car, the ice will be partially melted and easily wiped off for a safe ride every day.

• Well-Lubricated Engine

Remotely starting your vehicle also means that you’re warming up the engine. On a cold morning, the oil needs time to heat up as it lubricates all of the critical engine components. As you arrive at the car, the engine will be primed and ready to accelerate down the road. In many cases, you can extend your engine’s lifespan with a remote-start each day.

• Warm on the Inside

Your comfort should be just as important as the engine’s longevity so remote starts benefit your passengers too. When you spark the engine, you can also warm up the interior with the heating system. As you sit down into the seats, you won’t be greeted by freezing cold temperatures. The warm interior also heats up the windshield for further defrosting actions.

• Enhanced Safety

One aspect of remote starts is their safety feature. You’re no longer vulnerable to possible danger as you approach your car and fumble with your car keys. Remotely start your vehicle, walk to it in a purposeful manner and enter it in a matter of seconds. If anyone was following you, they would find it difficult to complete their goal when you hop into a running car and leave right away.

• Reduced Theft Possibilities

A running car with no one inside it seems like it would be a target for thieves, but these starters actually make it more difficult for criminals to take the vehicle. You still need the right key to open the door and shift the transmission into drive. As a result, your car will probably be overlooked by would-be thieves.

Most cars can be outfitted with a remote starter regardless of their age. Ask your auto-body professional about a possible installation and its cost. When it comes to Toledo OH winters, a remote start gives you a chance to warm up the car well before you enter its interior. Freezing cold seats and steering wheels will be experiences of the past.

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