Z-One Automotive Rhino Linings The 4 Main Truck Bed Liner Materials

The 4 Main Truck Bed Liner Materials

Truck with Rhino Tuff Grip Lining

For most folks, deciding on the right bed liner for their truck is not really a big deal as they are not regularly going to use the vehicle for very much beyond the transporting of groceries from the store to their home.

More robust users of a truck, however, should consider a number of factors before making a final decision.

Here are the most noteworthy:


 The vast majority of truck bed liners are manufactured from heavy-duty plastic.

These liners have the advantage of maximizing the load volume of the bed as they can be contoured into almost any imaginable shape so they are preferable for moving such items as soil or mulch, wood or shingles and other non-metallic building materials.

While this type of bed liner will move around a bit more than more solidly installed ones, its relatively “soft” construction means that it will be damaging to the underlying paint of the truck bed. Finally, it is also the most affordably replaced liner if damaged.


Aluminum bed liners are preferred if the truck will be conveying heavy or sharp-edged materials.

Not only do these liners withstand a significant amount of regular use, they will also protect the underlying paint job – although they can also do some scratching and other damage on their own.

All in all, an aluminum truck bed liner provides a far sturdier surface that can absorb significantly more damage than a plastic one.

In short, they will protect against almost any type of damage – minor or major – to the underlying paint and surface of the vehicle.


Truck bed liners made out of carpet and carpet-like materials are quite versatile – and comfortable if you will! – as they provide a cushion for both the items being moved as well as for the knees of those folks tasked with loading and unloading the cargo.

In addition, this type of bed liner also reduces the risk of damaging the carpet from sliding as they provide a skid-resistant surface.

One caveat – carpet liners are not resilient in bad weather. That is, they are best stowed in the truck cab during rain and snow storms unless the truck bed is also equipped with a hardcover.

Spray-On Liner

Spray-on liners  like those available from Rhino Linings  are another valuable bed option available to truck owners – and one that is a fairly permanent one.

This type of truck bed liners forms a permanent, protective, non-skid surface along the entire interior of the truck bed.

Top-quality Rhino liners provide protection for everything from corrosion, and chemicals to impacts and fire. In almost every case, the truck owner should have this type of liner applied by a professional.

The result is a durable liner that will serve a variety of purposes but one that can never be removed.

Finding the right bed liner for a truck does take a little time and effort but it is not necessarily a difficult task to accomplish.

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