Z-One Automotive Auto Detailing Spring is the Perfect Time to Have Your Vehicle Detailed

Spring is the Perfect Time to Have Your Vehicle Detailed

Knowing when to take your vehicle in for auto detailing is a crucial part of making it look shiny and new. If you want your vehicle to shine consistently, it’s recommended to have your vehicle detailed on a regular basis. Here are reasons why Spring is the best time of the year for Toledo, Ohio residents to focus some detailed attention to their car’s interior and exterior.

Why Spring Offers Ideal Conditions

The main reason why spring is ideal for auto detailing is that it’s the time of year when weather is most moderate. Rain and snow subside by March or April in many regions, followed by a mild spring. In the spring your vehicle is less likely to experience overexposure to UV rays that is common in summer. The sun can cause paint to fade, but spring usually brings the right amount of sunlight that isn’t harmful to the paint.

Spring is also ideal because it’s not as dry as summer. Dry weather dries out wax before it has a chance to protect the surface, unless you use high-end paste. There is still a certain amount of moisture in the air in spring to avoid this problem. You also won’t have to deal with the excessive wax buildup that occurs in winter, which can damage the vehicle’s exterior.

Getting the Most from Wax in Spring

Applying wax to a car’s exterior is a major part of detailing for drivers who care about appearance. Most waxes have a lifespan up to three or months after being applied. Springtime is when waxes perform at their best due to less wear and tear from environmental elements. The wax will protect the surface and paint from environmental elements such as dirt, pollen, bugs and other contaminants. Since wax eventually depletes over a four month period, it’s important to update the finish every three or four months.

Checklist for Exterior Spring Detailing

  • clean the wheels
  • rinse and wash
  • dry the vehicle thoroughly
  • work to remove contaminants
  • fix scratches
  • polish and wax

A Fresh Time of Year

Yet another reason why spring is the best time to do auto detailing is that even though it starts in March, it feels like a new beginning. Winter often creates damage that gets repaired in the spring, which is the best time for outdoor work. Many organizations naturally ramp up for spring, which is associated with good deals, especially around Memorial Day weekend. Many stores do “spring cleaning” deals as it’s a time for the market to heat up again after the holidays.

Spring is an excellent time to wash away winter debris and give your vehicle a brand new look. It keeps you in the habit of waxing the exterior periodically, which is good for its appearance. Everyone’s vehicles are subject to debris and maintenance issues in the winter, but spring is when you can feel confident that polishing and waxing will have the longest and greatest effect.

There are multiple reasons why spring is the best time to get detailing work done on your vehicle. Detailing in the spring offers the best conditions that allow your finish to shine the brightest and the longest. To maximize the effects, detailing should be done on dry warm days three times per year. Get some expert advice and attention about auto detailing from Z-One Automotive.

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