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Z-One Automotive Rhino Linings Spray On Truck Bed Liner vs. Drop In Truck Bed Liner

Spray On Truck Bed Liner vs. Drop In Truck Bed Liner

Rhino Hybrid linings

Your truck bed can experience its share of wear and tear over the years as a result of heavy use and general exposure to the elements. You can preserve your truck bed and keep it in good shape by either applying a spray-on truck bed liner or installing a drop-in truck bed liner. The following are some of the differences between both to help you decide which will suit your truck bed best:

Using a Drop-In Truck Bed Liner

A drop-in truck bed liner is basically a shell made out of plastic or rubber that covers the bed of your truck. The texture of these shells helps to keep objects from sliding around in the back of your truck while also completely protecting your truck’s bed from dents and scratches. The following are a few of the advantages to using a drop-in truck bed liner:

  • They are easy to install – A drop-in truck bed liner will simply fit over the bed of your truck, snapping into place. Little to no drilling is required to keep the shell in place and it’s relatively easy to remove as well.
  • No prep work is needed – You can install the drop-in truck bed liner right away.
  • They’re affordable – Both rubber and plastic drop-in truck bed liners are relatively affordable.

Unfortunately, drop-in truck bed liners do have their share of disadvantages as well. The following are just a few of the disadvantages of a drop-in truck bed liner:

  • They don’t always protect against rust or corrosion – Plastic drop-in truck bed liners sometimes trap water between the bed and the liner. If this water sits there without being removed, it can lead to rust or corrosion.
  • They can be noisy – Because they are not fully attached to the truck, drop-in truck bed liners can generate a lot of noise as a result of vibration and wind when out on the highway.
  • They can become loose – The vibration caused by driving on the highway can cause plastic drop-in truck bed liners to become loose over time. When this happens, they can wear through the paint on your truck’s bed floor, exposing the metal and leaving it vulnerable to rust.
  • They can look bulky – You’re adding a shell to the bed of your truck, which means you’re adding mass. This can sometimes make your truck look bulky.
  • They can be damaged – Transporting heavy objects can still cause damage to drop-in truck bed liner even if it doesn’t damage the truck bed itself.

Using a Spray-on Truck Bed Liner

Spray-on truck bed liners are made using a mix of polyurethane that’s simply sprayed onto the bed of the truck. The following are some of the benefits of using a spray-on truck bed liner:

  • It’s very durable – It’s very difficult to damage a spray-on truck bed liner, no matter how heavy the cargo is that you’re carrying.
  • The texture prevents sliding – The spray adds texture to your truck bed that prevents cargo from sliding.
  • There’s no gap – The lack of a gap between the liner and the bed means you don’t have to worry about water or dirt getting in between.
  • It will last longer – Spray-on truck bed liners last longer than drop-in truck bed liners.
  • It creates a watertight seal – You won’t have to worry about condensation getting trapped and causing rust or corrosion.

There aren’t many disadvantages to using a spray-on truck bed liner. The biggest disadvantage is that it’s more expensive than a drop-in truck bed liner. Unlike drop-in truck bed liners, spray-on truck bed liners are permanent as well.

While both are good options for protecting the bed of your truck, it’s difficult to argue that although it costs a bit more, a spray-on truck bed liner is the better investment. For information about our Rhino Liners, be sure to contact us at Z-One Auto today.

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