Z-One Automotive Auto Detailing Is Rust Proofing Your Car A Good Idea?

Is Rust Proofing Your Car A Good Idea?


It is no secret Ohio’s winters are tough on vehicles as well as people. From the salt on the road to snow, ice and freezing cold temperatures, there are plenty of threats to your automobile. The wet and cold weather ramps up the oxidation process. The salt and chloride on the roads make vehicle rust that much more likely.

Every Vehicle is Susceptible to Rust

Today’s vehicles are primarily made of galvanized steel. This material is essential to keep you and the contents of your vehicle protected. However, galvanized steel only offers so much protection against mother nature. Galvanized steel is dipped in liquid zinc to protect against moisture.
Steel used to make automobiles is galvanized in sheet form. The metal sheets are clipped and welded into just the right shapes. The downside to this process is it reduces the metal’s ability to protect against the elements. The bottom line is portions of your vehicle will always be susceptible to rust.

Aside from salt wearing away at your vehicle’s exterior, it is even possible for gravel, stones, and other debris to bounce against the vehicle’s underside, exposing the metal to the elements.

Rust Protection is Essential for Your Vehicle Even if You Plan on Selling It

Rust-proofing your vehicle makes sense in nearly every situation. Even if you plan on selling your ride in the coming months or years, this investment will heighten its sale price. Plenty of used car buyers are eager to find out about a vehicle’s rust protection before floating out an offer.

Protect the Entirety of Your Vehicle Including Its Underside

Used vehicles are especially prone to damage along the underside. This portion of the vehicle becomes increasingly sensitive as time progresses due to extensive exposure to dirt, water, debris, stones, rocks, salt and other gunk on the roads. An undercoating will prove essential in protecting this important section of your vehicle.

There are different approaches to applying rustproofing/undercoatings. The electronic method relies on a minor electric current. This is a relatively diminutive device that halts rust’s corroding effects. It is also possible to apply an undercoating with a tar-based spray. This undercoating is applied to all the exposed portions of the automobile’s underbody. The undercarriage serves as a barrier to protect against road salt, moisture, stones, dirt and other particles.

Dripless oil sprays can also be applied to the vehicle body to guard against rust. This is a substance similar to wax that hardens after drying. It takes about 48 hours to work its magic after application. These sprays have an elevated viscosity so they might not reach the entirety of your vehicle. However, such sprays are quite effective at rust protection. Drip oil sprays are more watery. This characteristic allows drip oil sprays to reach all of your vehicle’s nooks and crannies.

Have Your Vehicle Rust-proofed Today

If you are worried about your vehicle rusting or if your vehicle has already started to rust, it is time to take action. We offer several different rust protection services and products. Reach out to Z-One today by dialing (419) 478-3402 to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how we can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

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