Z-One Automotive Car Problems Repairing Commonplace Auto Damage After Winter

Repairing Commonplace Auto Damage After Winter

A season spent driving on snow and ice finds many Toledo OH vehicle owners in need of professional maintenance and repair services in order to address commonplace auto damage. From the increased likelihood of minor collisions and other mishaps caused by driving on slippery roads to the excess wear caused by road salt, loose asphalt and driving conditions that have been less than ideal, scheduling a spring turn-up or seeking professional repairs after a rough winter provides a number of important benefits. Neglecting routine maintenance or ignoring any auto damage that may result in further mechanical issues may prove to be a very costly mistake.

Winter driving

Spring Maintenance Services

Staying on top of the manufacturer or dealer-recommended maintenance schedule can extend the operational life of a car or truck, reduce the likelihood of future mechanical problems developing and ensure that operational costs can be kept as low as possible. Seasonal weather changes may require additional services that may not be included in the maintenance schedule, such as:

  • Checking and replacing fluids

The best winter engine oils and mechanical lubricants are often too light to provide superior protection in warmer temperatures. 10W motor oil can provide superior cold-weather protection, especially on start up, but heavier motor oil may be needed during the spring and summer.

  • Tire inspection and rotation

Snow tires, rough driving conditions and loose asphalt and other road debris can cause accelerated tire wear. Spring tire inspection, rotation and replacement services can benefit fuel economy, ride quality and ensure that worn tires do not create a safety issue.

  • Suspension components

Snow and ice can create very demanding driving conditions that can take a real toll on tie-rods, struts and shocks. Comprehensive inspection, testing and assessment of all suspension components can ensure that minor issues do not result in larger and more costly problems.

  • Minor collision damage

Driving on slippery winter roads can easily lead to auto damage caused by collisions and other mishaps. Many Toledo OH vehicle owners commonly make the mistake of assuming structural and body damage is only a cosmetic issue. Even seemingly minor body damage can interfere with suspension components, tires and other moving parts.

  • Belts and hoses

Extreme temperatures can cause serious wear on certain parts and components. The combination of high engine temperatures and cold weather may cause belts and hoses to wear out more quickly.

Reducing Operational Costs and Extending the Life of a Vehicle

Poorly maintained vehicles are far more likely to suffer a breakdown or other mechanical issue. Towing costs, higher repair bills and reduced fuel economy can all result in considerable financial strain. Seasonal maintenance and repair services may help to reduce operational costs and ensure that cars, trucks and other vehicles are able to provide dependable issue-free service for as long as possible. Neglecting routine maintenance often finds vehicle owners forced to make a costly replacement for a car or tuck that may have lasted for many years had it been properly maintained.

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