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Removing Unpleasant Odors From Your Car

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Whether you live in Toledo OH or Phoenix, AZ, you don’t really want to be known as the guy with the stinky car. Trash build up, drink spills, rotting junk food and embarrassing accidents can really create an amazing stench in very little time. Luckily, these pointers will give you a great head start on where to begin and how to clean up some of the worst stinky messes like stale urine, cigarette smoke and vomit.

Basic Cleaning

If the stench is so bad that you need a gas mask when driving to work, you’ll need to clean every square inch. This means removing assorted junk, soda pop cans and fast food trash.

Folks with kids will have to search even deeper into seat cushions and crevasses to remove rotting hamburgers, donuts, baby bottles with sour milk and misplaced diapers. Remember to check the trunk for the forgotten cooler with the contents of last week’s picnic.

After removing all the trash, get a bucket full of hot soapy water and wipe down all metallic, glass, wood and plastic surfaces till they shine. A mild dish detergent should do the job to remove most sticky residues and spills.

Use a stiff brush to loosen dried bits of food, debris and dirt from upholstered seat cushions, floor mats and carpeting. Vacuum the entire inside of the vehicle.

Once the vacuuming is done, you might want to try steam cleaning all seats and carpeting to remove stains and ground in dirt, which should help to freshen up the interior and remove stench.

Treating Specific Types of Stinky Smells


Trying to clean up urine accidents caused by pets or toddlers can be a nightmare. The best approach to remove wine, feces, urine and blood is to use a proteases enzyme-based cleaning product. The enzymes break down proteins and make them easier to clean.


Mix baking soda with a little water and scrub the area. Allow the carpeting or upholstery to dry and then vacuum. Place a dish of vinegar in the car and leave it overnight to absorb remaining odors. Amylases enzyme products are also effective at removing starch-based foods that may contain gravy, ice cream, milk or sugar.

Cigarette Smoke

To remove cigarette stench, you should use absorbing substances like charcoal powder or baking soda. Use the same baking soda removal instructions as those for vomit removal.

You can also purchase charcoal powder and put it into a coffee filter. Place the filters in a couple of locations and leave them for a week to absorb cigarette odors.

Serious Stinky Smells

• Consider purchasing an odor neutralizer to remove stubborn smells after treating specific problems with no success.

• Ozone shock treatments are another option to remove nasty smells. The treatment kills mildew and bacteria, in addition to several other types of organic compounds like skunks spray and urine.

Whether you’re going to the auto body shop in Toledo OH or picking up a new date, don’t be embarrassed. Make the right impression with a clean and odor free car.

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