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Why choose Z-One for an Alarm or Remote Car Starter?

car-in-winterZ-One is among the nations top installers for automotive aftermarket accessories and services, we provide car owners with the most up-to-date electronic systems, as well as the knowledge to stay ahead of the new trends in automotive comfort and security. Over the years, safety has become an increasingly important feature in cars and trucks, and those concerns extend to protecting ourselves before the key enters the ignition. Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever before, but so are the would-be-intruders, so it is important that we equip our cars, trucks, and vans with the most advanced products to keep both the vehicle and the people inside safe.

There are so many features and units to choose from, what’s right for me?

Lets start with features, these pretty much fall into four categories that reflect various consumer needs: convenience, comfort, vehicle security, and personal safety. A basic alarm system will include:

  • Shock sensor and entry protection, which activates the alarm whenever anyone attempts to force entry
  • A panic feature that flashes the lights and activates your cars horn/siren and scares off intruders

Below are some of the add-on features that owners find valuable


Two-Way Paging: Gives you feedback on the remote telling you exactly what your car is doing.

iPhone integration: lock and unlock remote start and more from anywhere in the world with a press of you phone.

Remote Keyless Entry: Lock and Unlock your vehicle without using your key.

Remote trunk or hatch release: Opens power trunk or hatches with the touch of a button.

Automatic locking: In a hurry don’t remember to lock the doors sometimes, most units can be set to lock and unlock as the engine starts and stops.

Valet switch: Overrides alarm and remote start. A nice feature when washing or servicing your car, no surprise starts or false alarms.


Remote Start: Start your vehicle from your home or office with a touch of a button. Can be used all year, defrost your windows in the winter and turn on the air conditioner in the summer.

Brake-activated shutoff: With this standard feature, your car cannot be driven without the key in the ignition.

Timed Shut down: Remote Starters will only run for a limited amount of time, they automatically shut down after a predetermined runtime (15-25mins is default on most but can be adjusted).

4806_largeVehicle Security

Starter Kill: This will prevent the car from starting while the alarm is armed.

Passive Arming: Alarm sets automatically when all doors, hood and trunk are closed. (This feature can qualify you for insurance discounts.)

Flashing LED Light: Lets intruders know your vehicle is secure. Many colors to chose from.

Flashing parking lights: This serves as a visual feature that can attract attention in an emergency.

Ear-piercing siren: This feature attracts maximum attention.

Personal Safety

Interior Illumination: Turns on your dome lights when you unlock or disarm you system.

Rolling Codes: Our alarms have over 2.6 billion different codes, This means would be thieves will be unable to activate the code that disarms your alarm.

Anti-carjacking: Lets you activate your alarm while driving.

Manual override: This enables you to deactivate your alarm in an emergency.

Ranges: 800ft – infinity

Why would you need more than 800ft. of range?¬†At home 800ft is plenty of range. However, think about all the other times you would like to start your vehicle…at work, at a restaurant inside the mall. or even from the locker room at your local gym. For every barrier the signal comes in contact with (wall or window), the signal drops by about half. So from your office or the store you would easily want 2500+ft range. So its important to determine how and where you will use your remote starter.

Z-One proudly sells and installs DEI, Crimestopper, Xpresskit and Scytek Remote Start and Alarm products.

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Diesel, Push to Start, and/or manual transmissions? Yes we can.

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