Z-One Automotive Window Tinting Keeping Your Car’s Interior Beautiful With Window Tinting

Keeping Your Car’s Interior Beautiful With Window Tinting

Your new car looked great rolling out of the dealer’s lot, but you want to ensure that it still looks sharp in a year or even three. One of the best things you can do for your vehicle is to tint the windows to protect your interior from sun damage. It’s surprisingly affordable, and highly effective.

Window Tinting - Toledo OH

The Law
Every state has different laws on window tinting, and Ohio is rather generous with their allowed standards. The back side and rear windows can be tinted to any darkness level. Front side windows must allow more than 50 percent of sunlight to pass through, and the windshield must allow more than 70 percent of light to enter the car. Additionally, you can legally tint the top five inches of your windshield to a deeper shade to help cut down on the sun.

Professionally Installed
In Toledo OH, it’s highly recommended that you let the professionals handle your tinting. You’ll save time and frustration because this is a job that takes a fair amount of patience, experience, and skill. In addition to a steady hand, the job also requires a clean environment so that hairs and other debris won’t come in between the tinting and the glass. A professionally trained team will provide you with a finish that:
• Is perfectly smooth and free of bubbles
• Extends to the edge of the window so it looks factory
• Goes below the lower window seal for greater durability and attractiveness

The Benefits
Many people opt for window tint simply because it looks great, but the benefits go far beyond simple appearances. With UV protectants, you can block the UV rays coming into your car and protect the interior from dry rotting and fading. This is great news for your leather seats as well as the dashboard and other interior components.

Quality tinting also keeps your car cooler in the summer because the heat won’t build up as much. If you have young children, then window tinting can effectively cool the back seat to help them remain more comfortable. With window tinting, you’ll also have a little more privacy in your car. It will be harder for people to see your children in the backseat or spy any valuables that you may have left in the vehicle.

One benefit that you may not have considered is the additional protection in an accident. The tinting effectively holds shattered pieces of glass in place so that they won’t fly through the interior of the car and harm the occupants.

Whether you have a brand new car or just want to take better care of one that’s a few model years old, you can rely on the professionals in Toledo OH, for a fantastic tinting job. With the UV rays blocked, your car interior will look like new longer. This service is surprisingly affordable, and it’s a very effective way to prolong your car’s interior and ensure that you can still be proud of your ride.

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