Z-One Automotive Rust Is Your Vehicle in Need of Rust Protection?

Is Your Vehicle in Need of Rust Protection?

When people purchase a vehicle in Toledo OH, they must realize they’re buying a product with steel. Once the steel is exposed to air and moisture rust will become a reality for the vehicle. It’s a process known as oxidation.

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If a vehicle is in a warm and arid environment, the oxidation process is minimized. Should a vehicle be used in an environment that has cold winter months with salt and chloride on the roadways such as Toledo OH, protecting against rust developing is important.

Galvanized Steel
Much of the steel used in vehicles is galvanized. This does provide some protection against the elements. Galvanized steel has been dipped into liquid zinc. This provides protection for the steel from the effects of moisture and air. The steel used for vehicles is galvanized in sheets. During the manufacturing process, these metal sheets are cut and welded to form the parts needed. This deteriorates the protection. Areas of a vehicle are still prone to rust. These are areas where rust will begin to occur in the 3rd to 5th year of a vehicle’s use. The galvanized protection can also be lost from stones and gravel hitting the underside of a vehicle and leaving the metal exposed.

Corrosion Warranties
These warranties are written to be complicated legal documents. When people do take the time to read them, they find out it is actually a perforation warranty. It is designed to cover rust located inside a vehicle’s painted body panels if caused by defective parts or bad workmanship. It does not cover rust from scratches, dents, dings or bare metal on the vehicle that is exposed to the environment. Rust created by road salt, industrial fallout and more is not covered.

Some experts advise against rust protecting a vehicle if the owner does not intend to keep it for a long time. This is because the owner won’t experience the benefits of their rust protection investment. Others believe that having a vehicle rust protected will increase its sale price. When someone is considering the purchase of a used vehicle, their first question is often about the vehicle’s rust protection.

Tar-Based Method
This is commonly referred to as undercoating. During this process, a black substance that is like tar will be sprayed on a vehicle’s wheel wells, floor plan and any other exposed parts on the underbody of a vehicle. The substance will harden. It will then act as a permanent shield against the elements as well as salt and moisture. The spray will not stop corrosion if it has begun. It is usually applied to new vehicles.

Drip Oil Spray
This is the type of rust protection that is most often recommended by experts. The oil that is sprayed on a vehicle will drip for approximately two days. The benefit to this method is that it is a liquid and will reach more parts of a car than a dripless oil spray. It may be necessary to drill holes in a vehicle to ensure the spray gets to all the important areas. An annual reapplication may also be recommended.

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