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Is the Summer the Right Time to Get Rust Protection on Your Car?

Whether you want to keep your car in sellable condition or not it is important to make sure that your vehicle is protected from rust. Nobody wants to pay for a rusted car after all. Rusting is especially prevalent after winter when cars can become covered in corrosive salt that can be difficult to remove with simple washing. But when is the best time to rust proof your car?


Summer is exactly when you want to get your vehicle rust-proofed. Of course, there isn’t technically a bad time, but summer will offer you a lot of benefits that other seasons won’t. This is for a handful of reasons:

  1. Summer is the gentlest season on your car
  2. Rust-prevention sprays work better in warm weather
  3. Rust proofing can get your vehicle ready for a harsh winter

Protect Your Vehicle

rust1It is easy to go into an auto body shop and get your vehicle sprayed down with a nice, rust protective coating, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about doing in a few months when it will be harder to apply. Spraying your car in the dead of winter can be uncomfortable due to temperatures and inclement weather, and by then problems may have already developed. You want to make sure your car is protected in the summer, before you have anything to complain about.

Any native will tell you that Ohio winters are no joke. But the real danger, as far as rust is concerned, is the salt spread by snow plows. While they will keep you safer on the icy roads, all of that salt will make your vehicle look like a rusted heap if you don’t do something about it. It isn’t immediate, but by the time spring rolls around it can have a major impact.

All of the salt that has gotten stuck in the small crevices of your car will really get to work corroding the material as the metal heats up in spring, and you’ll be driving a rust bucket before you know it. Save yourself the trouble and get rust protection before it’s too late!

To recap, here are some benefits of getting rust protection for your car:

  1. Year-round protection
  2. No rust from salt
  3. Protects resale value
  4. Peace of mind

See a Professional

With all of the nasty things that rust can do to your car, why wouldn’t you want a pro to handle things? Rust protection is a serious concern that a lot of people either overlook or skimp out on and do themselves. Those people get rusted cars come spring. Don’t be like them. Take your vehicle into a professional auto body shop and make sure your car is protected.

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