Z-One Automotive Auto Detailing Improving Your Car’s Resale Value with Auto Detailing

Improving Your Car’s Resale Value with Auto Detailing

Car detailing series : Closeup of hand coating car door panelA car that is in excellent condition will sell for more money and a lot faster than one that shows signs of neglect. You may have noticed that car dealers detail every pre-owned vehicle on their lots. This is because they know auto detailing increases the resale value of the car. It will also increase the car dealer’s return on investment. Taking advantage of these profit gains, as a private owner, would be smart.
When it comes to your vehicle, preventive care is worth your time and effort. Thorough auto detailing removes defects like scratched, swirled, and oxidized surfaces. This is what helps to produce the WOW factor that increases your car’s resale value and gets you top dollar.

The importance of auto detailing

Professional auto detailing can improve every component of a vehicle’s interior and exterior (this includes paint, body, and wheel surfaces). This will help to encompass a complete reconditioning and readiness for sale.
However, it is notable that a do-it-yourself auto detailing is no match for the expertise of the eco-safe steam technology and state-of-the-art equipment used by professionals. In addition, professional auto detailing offers the convenience of helping you save a considerable amount time and effort (as compared to a DIY job which would take a longer amount of time and more effort).
Unaware of its diminishing appearance, the average American keeps a new vehicle for 5-6 years before selling or trading it in. However, your car can look brand new (both inside and outside) with professional auto detailing. Astonishingly, you can even have the engine detailed!

Car detailing series : Cleaning car engine Below are a few ways in which auto detailing can restore your vehicle to its original beauty and also, help increase your return on investment.

Auto detailing reverses exterior damages caused by the elements

The environment and ultraviolet rays from the sun are the leading causes of damage to cars. The exterior usually takes a severe beating when exposed to the elements and extreme weather conditions. Some of the effects include dull and faded paint, rust, scratches, visible effects of winter chemicals, and UV ray damage.
Additionally, exterior surfaces often become oxidized, cloudy, and yellowed once the UV inhibitors start to fail. This results in a hazy appearance of headlight lenses and paint. Fortunately, professional auto detailing can reverse all of these damages and improve your car’s resale value.

Auto detailing reconditions interiors showing severe wear and tear

As a result of carpet and upholstery stains caused by food and beverage spills, pets, and muddy shoes; you may find that your car’s interior shows definite wear and tear upon close inspection. Auto detailing your vehicle’s interior sanitizes and restores its original condition by dramatically improving the beauty of its leather, fabric, and carpets. Restored interiors improve resale value.

Auto detailing maintains the original appearance

Applying a wax or sealant coating and having your car auto detailed on a regular basis helps to prevent the oxidation of its exterior paint and also, eliminates defects. Apart from providing greater shine and gloss, auto detailing applications add a protection layer that includes UV inhibitors effectively extending the life of your car’s body paint. This also helps with maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance.

Depending on the model, year, and overall condition, professional auto detailers can not only restore your car’s beauty, but also, help to ensure that it retains its original appearance. Therefore, you can increase your car’s resale value by having it auto detailed on a regular basis (regardless of whether it is brand new or not).

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