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How to Tell When Your Vehicle’s Headlights Are in Need of Restoration (Before They Stop Working Entirely)

While many vehicle owners do not always consider the consequences of assessing headlights and their performance, a check of these items and the quality of light they produce is essential for safety as well as the proper operation of a vehicle, especially in adverse weather conditions or night driving. Headlight restoration is a process which can review output from your headlights, evaluate the brightness or dimness of the headlights, and help restore headlights for their best response. Furthermore, especially in older cars, headlight restoration can help make vehicles look newer and can perk up a vehicle’s overall appearance.

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What are some ways to know if your vehicle needs headlight restoration?
Within communities such as Toledo OH, adverse weather conditions including snow and ice plus nighttime darkness may contribute to wear and tear of headlights. As such, residue can sometimes build up within the interior of the glass which would need to be addressed and cleared away. Such residue can easily be seen from the outside of the lights (glass will appear foggy) and that is a sure sign that this area would benefit from attention!

Another weather condition prevalent in Toledo OH can be variable rainstorms, and heavy rains can create moisture trapped within the surface of the headlights. Check to see if you can see fog or wet areas in the light, and if those regions are inside or outside the light (lenses may need to be removed and drained if there is a substantial amount of water on the interior). Be sure to check for cracks and leaks that may need repairs as well before starting the restoration process, as damaged glass will not hold up under these changes and treatments.

Lastly, a main area that can affect headlights and their performance is simply time and aging. Headlights are often made from items like polycarbon, and such materials, while durable, can and do warp or absorb water and moisture since they are porous, which can lead to their degradation and subsequent fading which can slowly create a decline in their overall output. These may appear to be “frosted over” in appearance and inspection, much as a bathroom mirror can seem fogged after a hot shower. This type of appearance is a sure-fire giveaway that it is time to restore your headlights!

What are “next steps” to restore headlights?
Once you see that the lights are on but your high beams are looking rather dull, what should be your next steps to getting headlights sparkling and working correctly? There are a number of repair kits on the market that you can use on your own; however, the choices vary widely in price, quality and results. By and large, the best option is to seek out a licensed auto body or repair shop who can quickly determine the needs for your particular vehicle, double check for safety and correctly working equipment, and can use the proper tools to remove moisture and water, reverse oxidation inside your headlights’ lenses, and get your car back to safely illuminating all the roads you drive!

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