Z-One Automotive Window Tinting Fix Power Windows by Following These Steps

Fix Power Windows by Following These Steps












Power windows offer excellent functionality, are easy to use, and are quite dependable. In fact, they have become a mainstay in modern cars. While no driver really wants to do without them or deal with a defective one for very long, power windows do occasionally, partially, malfunction or fail to work at all. Here are a few tips on how to identify and fix the simplest issues with your car’s power windows or what to do if faced with a more serious problem:

Check the breakers – Use the owner’s manual to locate the specific location of the fuse box in your car. It will usually be found under the dashboard (to the left of the steering wheel) or under the hood in an easily accessible spot. Then, by checking the manual again, identify the breaker that controls the power windows. Remove it and make a quick inspection of the thin metallic strip on the inside. If it is broken, then the breaker is no good and must be replaced.  

Inspect the wiring – This process involves two separate steps. First, you should make sure that any wires entering and leaving the fuse box are solidly connected. There are several, so you should take your time and check each one. Similarly, you can the check the window control switch. The entire mechanism will usually pop out with just a screwdriver and a little effort.

Remove the door panel – If the above two quick fixes do not work, you will have to invest a little more time and energy to get to the root of the problem by removing the door panel. First, release and remove the exterior safety connector that connects the window switches to the wiring. Next, undo the screws holding the panel to the door. Now, you can easily remove the access panel from the door and gain access to the power window assembly. Sometimes a few interior wires may also need to be disconnected.

Inspect the window to motor connection – While these mechanical connections will typically not fail completely, they are susceptible to corrosion. A common symptom of this specific problem is a window that will not stay closed but instead fall about half way down into the window slot. It is a relatively easy fix, as it is merely a physical connection that must be repaired. You will again need to remove the door panel and then identify the points where the window is attached to the power mechanism. It is best to fix this problem with factory parts, but it can often be remedied with a jury-rigged solution.

Engage a professional – Replacing the motor of a car’s power window system can get quite complicated (especially if you want the interior to look as good as new when you are finished). If you find yourself at this stage with a window that still does not work, it is probably best to engage the services of an experienced mechanic. You will certainly save a lot time, effort, and aggravation (even if you do spend a little more money).

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