How To Clean Rhino Bed Liner
Z-One Automotive Rhino Linings How To Clean Your Rhino Bed Liner

How To Clean Your Rhino Bed Liner

How To Clean Rhino Bed Liner

How To Clean Rhino Bed Liner

The bed of your truck will take a pounding unless it is adequately protected. However, adding a Rhino bed liner is only part of the solution. This liner must be cleaned on a regular basis so it does not become laden with debris, dirt, leaves, stones and other muck. It is also possible for your bed liner to be severely dented if you do not take the proper precautions. A bed liner kept in optimal condition will stand the test of time and protect your truck’s bed from damage across posterity. Here’s a look at how to clean your Rhino bed liner.

How to Start

Begin by emptying the bed of all items. Get rid of garbage, paper, packages, boxes and other sundries. If there are any spills or moisture in the bed, soak them up with shop towels or absorbent paper towels. If you notice grease spots, eliminate as much grease as you can with a paper towel. Use a broom to sweep out the bed. A thorough sweep will eliminate loose items like sand, stone, leaves etc.

Apply Water

Use your garden hose to wet the bed liner. Add car soap to form a considerable lather. Use a rigid brush with nylon bristles to scour the liner. This ensures you can eliminate dirt from the sections between the texture crannies within the liner. If you notice oils or engine grease, you will likely need to apply a de-greaser to fully eliminate them from the liner.

Pressure Wash

Rinse off the area with a pressure washer. Some will not have access to a pressure washer or not want to spend the money required to rent one. An alternative approach is to use the nozzle that connects to a garden hose. You can also use the local car wash’s equipment. The powerful spray of water from a pressure washer or similar device will eliminate all of that packed dirt and other gunk that has seeped deep down. This is the type of gunk the typical nylon brush can’t remove yet a pressure washer will eliminate with surprising ease.

Drying the Liner

Use towels to dry the liner. Spray a cleaner designed for vinyl/hard plastic. An automotive vinyl cleaner designed with UV protection or a tire spray will suffice. Be sure to follow the directions on the can down to the very last detail. You can also use Rhino Shine. This solution is made by Rhino Linings Corporation. It is sold as a pigmented black, red, green, blue, grey or clear. This coating will likely last for about half a year. It dramatically improves the lining’s resistance to UV rays and also boosts its sheen.

The Final Steps

Give the liner one more washing with a spray of clean water from the garden hose. Once the overage remaining from the cleaning solution is removed, the lining will look shiny and clean. At this point, you can decide whether you would like to have the Rhino UV topcoat added to protect against additional surface dulling or color alterations.

Clean Your Rhino Bed Liner on a Regular Basis

Give your bed liner a thorough cleaning at regular intervals and it will prevent your truck bed from dents, scratches and other unsightly markings. A regular cleaning will help your bed liner withstand those nasty corrosive chemicals along with potential damage from fertilizer and fuel. Mark your calendar for the next cleaning so you are sure to keep this easily forgettable but important part of your truck in tip-top shape.

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