Z-One Automotive Window Tinting Can Window Tinting Improve Your Vehicle’s Resale Value?

Can Window Tinting Improve Your Vehicle’s Resale Value?

Toledo residents looking to put their vehicles on the market may question whether or not the aftermarket process of window tinting will increase or decrease the value of their vehicle. With Toledo OH being quite lax on their tinting laws, many car owners find tinted windows to be not only convenient and cosmetically appealing, but quite functional and cost-effective as well. Aside from aesthetic and privacy purposes, tinted windows provide drivers with the added benefits of:

  1. Interior protection from UV ray damage
  2. Reduced glare from sunlight and headlights
  3. Economic advantages surrounding cooling costs

Many car owners are under the impression that tinted windows only increase the market value of vehicles in warmer climates, but this is certainly not the case. Average summer temperatures in Toledo OH average around 84º F, which is more than enough to cause both interior and exterior damage. Buyers are more likely to show interest in your vehicle knowing that the vehicle itself is protected, and that they will also be provided with enhanced protection while driving the vehicle themselves. In order to promote a more solid understanding of how tinted windows will increase your vehicle’s market value, let’s expand on the added benefits that it provides your vehicle with.

Increased Interior Protection
1The sun’s ultraviolet rays are known to cause damage in a car’s interior such as cracks or excessive fading. Repairing these damages can cost many vehicle owners up to $2,000 in repair costs! With most tinted film varieties reducing a car’s heat levels by up to 60%, vehicle owners can be sure that their cars are safe from any potential UV damage to their car’s interior. This will also help drivers forgo purchasing car covers during the warmer months since their vehicle’s will already be equipped with the necessary protection.

Helps Prevent Dangerous Glares from Sunlight and Oncoming Vehicles
2Due to Toledo OH allowing drivers to tint the top 5 inches of their windshields, and their front windows up to 50%, drivers end up experiencing much less dangerous glaring during their commute. When faced with intense glares from either UV rays or headlights can pose significant risks while on the road, and window tinting reduces this risk dramatically. A reduction of 50% in reflective light in your travels will provide you with a much less risky commute, while being much more comfortable as well. Drivers are much more apt to pay an increased sales price knowing that the vehicle has additional safety features.

Minimize Your Cooling and Fuel Costs

3A 60% reduction in heat with tinted windows has the ability to reduce your cooling costs, while also increasing your vehicle’s fuel economy. When driving with the air conditioning on, you can expect to use up to 20% more fuel than you normally would. Equipping your vehicle with tinted windows will allow your vehicle to maintain a much cooler climate inside, allowing you to use much less air conditioning as a result. Those on the lookout for a new vehicle are typically adamant in getting a vehicle with adequate fuel economy, causing it to be an almost guaranteed up-sale as a result.

These added benefits that coincide with window tinting are sure to help increase your vehicle’s market resale value, as well as make your vehicle stands out in comparison to other vehicles on the market. By trusting a qualified auto body shop like us to assist you in the process, you are sure to enjoy the benefits yourself, as well as the ability to pass on the benefits to another driver when you’re ready to sell your vehicle.

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