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Can Scotchguard Paint Protector Help Keep Your Vehicle Safe?

3M Scotchguard Paint Protection Film provides superior protection on a vehicle. It is made out of a unique material that is stain and scratch resistant. If you need a product that is durable and requires little maintenance, a paint protector film is worth considering. To learn how to apply the film, contact a local automotive technician in Toledo OH.

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The Key Benefits

Paint protector film keeps a car in mint condition for a longer length of time. The coating is invisible, so it will not change the color of a vehicle. You can apply the film on side mirrors, door edges, hoods, rear fender panels, and bumpers.

Protection Benefits

If you put the film on your rocker panels, stones and sand on rough roads will not damage the material.

On a sports car, the product can protect mirror backs, bumpers, and hoods. The durable coating will shield tar, insects, and flying dirt particles.

If you usually place sharp objects in your vehicle, you can prevent scratches by placing a film on the door edges and over the door handles.

In suburban areas, tree sap will not harm a vehicle if it has a film on the roof, trunk, and hood.

3M Paint Protection Advantages

3M Paint Protection Film with Scotchguard is made by industry experts. NASCAR race crews and reputable car companies use the film because:

  • It requires no maintenance.
  • The coating is produced in the United States.
  • The film can be removed in an easy and safe manner.
  • The adhesive will not ruin the paint on a vehicle.

Prepping and Protecting the Vehicle

Until a protector film is applied, you must follow a few steps to keep your vehicle safe.

The sun’s rays can fade the paint on your automobile, so you must park it in a shaded area. Although paint is not fragile, the particles will bake if the sun shines on the car for hours.

Wax can also protect the paint if you apply it regularly. A good wax product will prevent fading in the summer and peeling during the winter.

If your community gets winter storms, you must clean your car regularly with a high-pressure sprayer. The water will eliminate road salts, which can damage the paint on a vehicle.

When snow drops on your car, remove it with a foam brush. Do not use a plastic scraper because it may scratch the paint.

By washing your car regularly, grime and pollution will not gather on the exterior surfaces. For this task, you will need a soft cotton cloth, a bucket of water, and a good automotive cleaning product. If the finish has residue from crushed bugs, remove the stains with a clay bar to prevent scratches. When all of the grime is removed, dry the vehicle thoroughly with a cotton rag. If this step is skipped, minerals will harm the paint after the water evaporates.

If you need more information about products that protect vehicles, contact a reputable automotive shop in Toledo OH.

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