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Can Scotchguard Help Protect Your Vehicle During Winter?

As cold, wet, snowy weather afflicts the residents of Toledo OH, local drivers sometimes wonder how to maintain vehicles in a nice, shiny condition? Roadway debris and slush can create a mess. As your auto passes other vehicles, escaping the inevitable splatter of wintertime proves impossible.

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A Solution

Fortunately, an innovative solution for this problem alleviates some of the concerns associated with keeping your vehicle in an attractive condition. Even during this challenging season of the year, a driver may take steps to keep the exterior looking beautiful.

Can Scotchguard help protect your vehicle during winter? Yes.┬áBy taking your auto or truck to your local autobody shop and requesting a professional application of this treatment, you’ll help safeguard the glossy appearance of your’s auto, even during the coldest periods of the year. This technology won’t prevent every potential hazard. Yet it will allow you to maintain surfaces in a much cleaner condition with far less effort and expense.

Appealing Exteriors

People appreciate the nice, bright sheen of a sparkling, shiny vehicle. This commercial treatment applies a protective coating to the metal exterior of the auto. It bonds to the surface, providing an invisible barrier against stains and grime.

If your vehicle crosses through a muddy puddle in the road and dirty water splatters all over the hood, the treatment enables very easy cleaning. Simply take a clean cloth and wipe it across the vehicle. Mud, bird droppings, tree sap, leaves, and other dirt will simply peel away without scrubbing. This material won’t stick to the metal surfaces. You’ll notice the bright sheen of your car’s exterior with pleasure.

Inviting Interiors, Too

Perhaps you’ve noticed passengers entering your vehicle after trudging through the snow? Often, their shoes leave wet streaks of dirty melting sludge in the interior. The marks discolor the floor coverings.

Or perhaps, on a cold day, you stop for a hot cup of coffee and a passenger accidentally spills a beverage across one of the seats? Simply ask your service technician to apply the same protective coating they used on the exterior to the interior of your automobile, also. You’ll enjoy very easy cleanup when messy accidents occur inside the cab.

Preserving Auto Re-Sale Values

The accumulated toll taken by dirty winter weather on vehicles in the Toledo OH area often depreciates auto values more quickly. Our region of Ohio frequently experiences severe driving conditions during colder months. Road crews take precautions against slick roads by using messy deicing materials and sand along highways.

Most car buyers prefer to purchase clean, well-maintained vehicles. They don’t appreciate seeing ugly roadway stains on the exterior or spots from spills and grease marring plush interior seats and dashboards. Although using protective coatings cannot prevent every type of damage to a vehicle’s surface, these treatments contribute significantly to easier, less stressful cleaning. They assist driver’s in maintaining an impressive, shiny vehicle throughout year.

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Appearances do matter sometimes. Request a Scotchguard application soon to help protect your vehicle’s beautiful surfaces!

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