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Benefits of Heated Seating












Most everyone will agree that it is essential to buy a car with a comfortable driver’s seat. This is true for all types of vehicle owners from the occasional “Sunday” driver to the daily commuter. One of the factors in this decision is whether the seat is heated or not. Getting a heated seat may not seem like the most important of decisions but it most assuredly is.

Really, shouldn’t you and your passengers be as comfortable as possible in one of the places where you will spend a considerable portion of your life – the family car? The answer is an unequivocal and resounding, “Yes!” With that thought in mind, here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding the heated seating option to your new car:

Have a more comfortable ride – Heated seats are invaluable in winter weather for keeping you and any passengers in your vehicle feeling comfortable (even if all of you are already wearing long winter coats). In addition, the individual controls available on heated seats leave everyone free to exactly control the temperature for themselves. As a bonus, heated seats allow you to keep the airflow of the whole-car heater focused on the windshield for a clearer view while driving.

Enhance your safety – Heated seating improves driver performance and therefore safety in a number of ways. A heated seat allows a driver to remove their bulky overcoat giving them improved arm and leg flexibility with a concomitant improvement in driving control. Similarly, being warmly nestled in a heated seat allows the driver to focus on his driving instead of his discomfort in a cold seat. The overall result is a greater situational awareness of what is going on around the car and a greater ability to deal with anything unexpected on the road.

Obtain therapeutic effects Doctors routinely prescribe heat treatment for various muscular and skeletal ailments such as back pain and muscle spasms. With heated seats you can help treat these ailments while simultaneously driving to the office, going to the store or picking up the kids at school. Similarly, heated seats offer a great palliative treatment for inflammation caused by those strenuous workouts at the gym.

Improves saleability – The latest generation of automobiles offers an ever-increasing number of options every year. Over time, car buyers become accustomed to these newly minted options and expect them as a matter of course. Heated seating, along with some other options, is rapidly approaching this level of desirability. Many new and used car buyers will simply not make a new or used car purchase if heated seats are not installed. In short, you should include them if you plan on selling the car after a few years.

As you can see, there are many practical, as well as personal, reasons to have heated seating installed in your car. For more detailed information on why you should take advantage of this technology, please contact us at Z-One. We can be visited online at for general information or reached directly with specific questions at 419.478.3402.


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