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Benefits of Having Your Car Professionally Waxed

Most people know they should wash their car, truck, or SUV at least once every couple months. However, few people are aware of the benefits of waxing their vehicle. The little-known truth is, waxing your vehicle is just as important as washing it. Here’s why.

Waxing Guards Against Airborne Contaminants

Waxing does much more than beautify the exterior of a vehicle. Give your vehicle a thorough waxing at least once every few months and you will help shield it against airborne contaminants ranging from acid rain to bugs and other threats. Such corrosive materials will latch onto your car, truck, or SUV’s paint and cause nasty scratches. Wax serves as a protective layer atop the paint to stop contaminants from being trapped and embedded in the paint.

Wax Reduces the Costs of Repairs

Though wax does not remove the paint chips or scratches from a vehicle, it certainly fills them in. Applying car wax to scratches makes them much more difficult to see. This approach is significantly cheaper than paying vehicle repair specialists to fix the scratches or chips. Car wax even helps prevent automotive paintwork from chipping as it minimizes the friction between the vehicle and debris. This way, small stones and rocks will slide right off your vehicle instead of causing damage.

A Gorgeous Shine

Having your vehicle thoroughly waxed will make it shine like new. This glossy aesthetic will catch onlookers’ attention, hike your vehicle’s value, and ultimately make you that much more proud of your ride.

Waxing Eliminates Hard Water Spotting

Those pesky water spots that result from car washes and other water exposure seem to stick around no matter what vehicle owners do. There is no sense trying one hard water spot removal method after another when waxing is all that is necessary. Have wax and sealants added to your vehicle’s paint to prevent such spotting from staining the exterior of your vehicle. Once your vehicle is waxed, it will look be absolutely spotless.

Waxing Facilitates the Cleaning Process

Little known fact is, waxing a vehicle makes washing it that much easier. The application and subsequent removal of wax helps wash away airborne contaminants that cause the hard water spotting noted above. Failing to apply wax to your vehicle will likely require a comprehensive detail cleaning of hard water spots that will prove expensive and time-consuming.

Waxing Combats Oxidation

The addition of car wax helps eliminate oxidation from the vehicle’s paint. Oxidation stemming from paint results from extended exposure to mother nature’s wrath without adequate protection. A regiment of consistent cleaning, the application of car wax and, polishing the vehicle’s exterior helps safeguard your paint so you don’t have to pay through the nose for repairs.

Waxing Even Repairs Damage From the Sun

Most people do not think twice about parking their vehicle in the sun for extended periods of time. If you leave your car outside for hours on end, the paint will gradually fade. Add a layer of automotive wax and your ride’s paint really will look much better. Repairing sun damage starts with a thorough washing minus the soap. Use a non-abrasive cloth for drying. Add a rubbing compound with an emphasis on the parts of the vehicle that have endured the most sun damage. The last step is to seal this compound with automotive wax.

Your Freshly-Waxed Vehicle Will Look Fantastic

Whether you are thinking about trading in your vehicle, selling it, or simply riding around town, it will look absolutely amazing once it is freshly-waxed. Have your vehicle waxed on a regular basis and it will retain its aesthetic appeal regardless of its age or mileage. The icing on the cake is the fact that a regular waxing will help preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s exterior for years or even decades to come. If you want your automotive waxing done right, stop by or contact Z-One in Toledo today!

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