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Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Remote Car Starter

A remote car starter is a convenient feature that you can add to your vehicle. With this gadget, you can start your car remotely letting the engine warm up and windows defrost before you head out. But this does not go without saying that not all of them are a good buy. Purchasing one can be truly confounding. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid when choosing a remote car starter.

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Buying a remote starter without enough range

When it comes to a starter’s range, we are talking about the distance from which it can start a vehicle keeping in mind the presence of walls, windows, and buildings which may cause interference. Most people assume the importance of transmitter power. You will use your car starter in other places other than your home or office. You will need to utilize it at the parking garage, movie theater, store, or mall. Don’t shortage yourself with transmitter range- you want your car to be running when you get to it.


Not getting a starter with the appropriate features

There are different models of remote starters with some offering many additional features such as keyless entry, heated seats, rear window defrost and trunk release. Some are just starters- they start and stop the vehicle remotely. A common mistake that most people make is assuming that these additional features are installed in every remote car starter. You need to choose a remote starter that incorporates a proper feature set. A remote starter with keyless entry will allow you to unlock the vehicle when it is still running.


Choosing a low-quality remote starter

It is easy to find a starter anywhere from hardware stores to local auto parts stores at cheaper prices. It even comes with an instructional DVD that shows you how to install the gadget yourself. Such products are of lower quality compared to those you’d buy from specialty retailers. Purchasing an inferior product will create nothing but headaches for you. If you cannot, be able to recognize a quality brand from a low-quality one, search for the best shop in your area.

Purchasing the remote starter at one shop and having it installed at another

An improperly installed remote starter has the potential to cause damages to your car. Under no circumstance should you buy this gadget at one place and have it installed at another. This is the biggest mistake that you can make. Only third parties will agree to install a remote car starter that was purchased elsewhere and this simply means that if something goes wrong, you’ll go around in circles and no one will take the blame. If the place you want to buy the starter from doesn’t offer installation, just don’t buy there.


Trusting the lowest bidder with the remote starter installation

When it comes to the remote starter installation, professionalism is the key. The installation process is complicated and that’s why it should be done properly. A simple mistake can result in massive damages that are not covered under your car’s warranty. Do not trust the installation to individuals who are not qualified for the job, especially those offering the lowest bid. Go to a trained professional.


As long as these mistakes are avoided and the job is done correctly, the remote car starter should work fine. With this information, you’ll be better prepared in choosing the remote starter ideal for your car- you don’t want to buy the inferior model time and time again. For further guidance on buying quality remote starters, please contact us at Z-One at 419.478.3402.


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