avoid these common auto mistakes z-one automotive
Z-One Automotive Uncategorized Avoid These Common Auto Mistakes

Avoid These Common Auto Mistakes

avoid these common auto mistakes z-one automotive

avoid these common auto mistakes z-one automotive

When it comes to taking care of your motor vehicle, there is a bevy of information pertaining how to do so on the mechanical side. Numerous of written pieces offer up advice on how to protect and maintain a vehicle’s engine and electrical systems.

But, what about the rest of the car? What about the interior or the outer frame of the vehicle? There isn’t as much information about dealing with vehicular appearances. Yet, maintaining a good car look isn’t as easy as getting an occasional car wash. You need to be attentive to your appearance and follow these six tips to avoid any auto mistakes.

1) Don’t Use Cups Without Lids

A very common auto mistake is using a drink cup without a lid. Usually, drinks get filled close to the brim whether bought or filled on their own. This could lead to a situation where the liquid in the cup can easily get spilled. Since drinks in the car are often more than water, this can then lead to stains on leather seating or certain parts of the dashboard. Unless this gets cleaned right away, it can be difficult to remove them.

2) Don’t Use Automated Car Washes

While automated car washes can save time and hassle, it may be better to do it yourself. If the car wash still uses brushes, these brushes can end up scratching the paint off of your car. The drying used to some of these automated washes also aren’t that good. This can lead to water spots that can damage your car if left unattended for too long.

3) Replace the Cabin Air Filter Regularly

Over time, car filters collect plenty of debris. This can clog the filter a bit, leading to dirtier air flowing through your car interior. The car air conditioner then works harder to push cooler air through the filter. Usually changing it once a year if living in a large, smog-filled city should be enough.

4) Clean the Interior with Car Cleaning Products

You use housing cleaning products to clean your house. A common auto mistake is not treating the car inside like the interior of your house. Use good car care cleaning products when cleaning up the car interior to avoid stains, marks, and too much dust.

5) Parking Your Car

People often don’t pay attention to where they park their car, yet another common auto mistake. Try to avoid parking outside when inclement weather is approaching. Also avoid situations such as parking under a tree where leaves and even branches could fall on it.

6) Clean the Interior First

You want to clear out the trash and vacuum the interior of the car first before working on the exterior. If you clean the outside first, trash and dust from the inside could track to the just-cleaned exterior of the car, making all the previous work almost meaningless.

Make sure you avoid an auto mistake when it comes to a car’s appearance. Clean the inside regularly and look for ways to improve the exterior appearance. A good auto appearance store such as Z-One can be very beneficial. This way, you can have a great look all around and not just how well the car purrs under the hood.

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