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Are Your Headlights in Need of Restoration?

Headlights on a vehicle can be an area of car maintenance that can be easily overlooked. We may never think about them at all until we need to replace a bulb, or experience some other obvious problem. However, headlights can experience a lot of wear and tear, and headlight restoration may be something you need to consider.


There are many things that can contribute to the need for headlight restoration. Snow and ice during the winter can cause damage,as well as the process of removing the ice or snow with a scraper. The salting of icy roads can also leave a film of salt on your car which can be damaging as well. Heavy rains can cause water to pool inside, leaving headlights either flooded or foggy due to the water evaporating yet unable to escape. Road work and repair will can leave fresh tar which can create residue on headlights. In addition, as headlights age the plastic can experience oxidation and appear cloudy, impairing visibility.

You will be able to tell if your headlights are in need of restoration with a simple visual check. Things to look for include:
-Visible scratches or dents
-A pooling of water, or trapped steam
-Buildup of residue (tar, bugs, etc.)
-Visible warping, or cracks

It is important to keep your headlights working at their best for many reasons. When the plastic is clean, free of oxidation or residue, you will be able to see much better when driving at night, or in adverse driving conditions. Nothing is more frustrating than poor visibility situations, do not let your headlights being in poor condition add to the problem. Another is that water pooling in headlights can destroy light bulbs, which can be costly. Bright, highly visible headlights also means others will see you better at night. If nothing else, shiny and clear headlights can make your vehicle much more visually appealing.

If you have determined that your headlights are in need of restoration, steps should be taken to ensure that you get your headlights back to prime working condition. While it may seem easy to pick up a kit for headlight restoration online or at an auto care shop, it may be best to take your vehicle to a licensed auto body shop. There are several reasons this is your best bet, including:

– An auto body shop is employed by trained experts with years of experience
– Any tools necessary for the removal of the headlights will be readily available – If removed, steps may also need to be taken to ensure that the headlights are in proper alignment, which a technician will be able to do.
– The bulbs contained in your headlights require special care, which a technician will be experienced with.
– Products used will also be high quality to ensure that the process will not be needed to be redone anytime soon.
– Rest in the knowledge that all parts were reinstalled correctly and safely.

If you need assistance with headlight restoration contact Z-One today.

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