Z-One Automotive Rhino Linings 8 Questions To Ask Rhino installer

8 Questions To Ask Rhino installer

8 Questions To Ask Rhino installer

If you want to protect your truck bed against wear and tear caused by normal usage as well as exposure to the elements, then you should strongly consider having Rhino ™ HardLine ® applied. The following are eight questions that you should ask an installer:

1. How long will it last?

First of all, having to go in on a regular basis to get a spray-in bed liner re-applied wouldn’t be very convenient. Fortunately, if properly applied, Rhino ™ HardLine ® should last forever. Be very wary of anyone who says so otherwise as they may be trying to get you to pay for unneeded additional applications.

2. How long will it take to apply?

Because Rhino ™ HardLine ® is a spray-in bed liner, it shouldn’t take long at all to apply the liner to your truck bed. Generally speaking, the whole process shouldn’t take more than three hours depending on the size of your truck, which means that you should have your truck back within the day.

3. Will you have to wait to use your truck bed?

You won’t have to worry about having to let Rhino’s spray-in bed liner dry since it dries within seconds of being applied. However, it’s a good idea to wait at least 24 hours if you plan on using your truck for heavy-duty use.

4. Will it cover up drain holes in the truck bed?

One of the issues with a drop-in truck bed liner is that it covers up drain holes. In fact, it’s particularly problematic due to the fact that drop-in liners often don’t fit tightly enough, causing water and ice to settle underneath, which, in turn, can cause rust to develop. You won’t have any of these problems with a spray-on bed liner.

5. Will it cause the bed to absorb more heat?

One of the concerns you might have is that the liner will cause the truck bed to absorb more heat than usual, especially during the summer months. However, this isn’t an issue with Rhino’s spray-on liner. This is because the liner forms a direct bond to the truck bed’s surface, which allows heat to transfer efficiently. This is a stark contrast to drop-in liners, which will cause more heat to build up. In fact, you’ll find that your truck bed will actually feel cooler than your truck’s metal components during hotter days once Rhino’s liner has been applied.

6. Can more Rhino ™ HardLine ® be applied in case of damage?

While the spray-on truck bed liner will help to protect your truck from scratches or dents, it could experience damage itself as a result of wear and tear, which would leave your truck exposed. Fortunately, because it’s a spray, you can simply re-apply Rhino’s Hardline spray-on liner to the areas that need touching up.

7. Will it match the color of your truck?

This depends greatly on the company applying the liner. However, it’s important to realize that Rhino linings are available in practically any color. Pigments can even be customized to make sure that they match the color of your truck.

8. Is there a warranty?

Rhino is so confident in their product that all retail applicators offer a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty covers a variety of things, including bubbling, flaking, blistering and peeling, all issues that are generally caused by poor application. Additionally, your warranty will be valid at any Rhino Linings retail location throughout the country.

You’ll know if you can trust an installer by how they answer these questions. Be sure to contact us at Z-One for more information about our Rhino ™ HardLine ® installations today.

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