6 Reasons You SHOULD Tint Your Car Windows
Z-One Automotive Auto Detailing,Rhino Linings,Window Tinting 6 Reasons You SHOULD Tint Your Car Windows

6 Reasons You SHOULD Tint Your Car Windows

6 Reasons You SHOULD Tint Your Car Windows

6 Reasons You SHOULD Tint Your Car Windows

Take a moment to consider the different things you have invested in. Your house is likely your most valuable investment. Your vehicle is likely your second most valuable investment. You have likely taken some measures to protect your home.
You have also likely taken some steps to keep your loved ones comfortable in your home. It is time to do the same with your vehicle. Tinted windows will keep you and your passengers comfortable and protected. Here’s a closer look at the reasons to add tint to your vehicle.

Safeguard Your Possessions

Have your vehicle’s windows tinted and you will be able to leave valuables in your backseat or other portions of the vehicle without worry. The window tint will prevent onlookers from seeing inside of your vehicle. If a thief can’t see the contents of your vehicle, he or she will be that much less likely to break in. Thieves tend to target vehicles that have valuables, including stereo systems, within clear sight.


Plenty of people add window tint to their vehicle windows so others can’t peer in and look at them. Window tint will provide privacy for the driver as well as passengers. Add tint and strangers will not stare at you. They will look elsewhere after growing bored with staring at the plain tint. You can sing your heart out, talk with a friend, move to the music or do anything else without feeling self-conscious. This is the privacy every driver deserves.

Protect Against the Sun’s Harmful Rays

Opt for a low VLT level and your tint will block out most of the sun’s harmful rays. VLT is an acronym that stands for visible light transmission. VLT ranges from 5 percent to 90 percent. The lower the LVT level, the less daylight will enter your vehicle. In fact, modern-day window tint has advanced to the point that it can block upwards of 99.9 percent of ultra-violet rays. This is the protection you need to avoid skin cancer caused by excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.

Stay Cool During the Summer

Window tint will keep the interior of your vehicle nice and cool during those blazing hot summer days. Studies show window tint can keep vehicle interiors upwards of 60 percent cooler. This way, you can park your car on a hot summer day, drive it anywhere else and stay cool while behind the wheel.

Preserve Your Upholstery

Window tint serves as a shield of sorts for your vehicle’s upholstery. It safeguards the upholstery from the sun’s powerful hot rays. If the upholstery is exposed to the sun, it will eventually fade and crack in a couple years. Window tint delays this wear and tear, prolonging the life and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle’s upholstery.

A Safer Driving Experience

Add window tint and you will find the driving experience is that much safer. The tint will block out the sun’s distracting rays, shielding your eyes from glare as well as other vehicles’ headlights. Tinted windows, including the upper portion of your windshield, will minimize distracting lights and keep your line of vision clear.

It is Time to Tint Your Car Windows

Now that you know what you have to gain from tinted car windows, it is time to take action. Have your vehicle’s windows tinted and you will feel as though you have a brand new vehicle. Window tint really is that transformative. Give us a call at Z-One at 419-478-3402 to learn more about window tint and schedule an installation.

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