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5 Ways to Improve The Apperance Of Your Truck

If you’re the owner of a truck, then you’ll want to keep it looking at its best. Keeping your truck looking good should be a point of pride, but it will also help it to retain its value should you ever decide to sell.

Not to mention that people who let the appearance of their trucks go unaddressed are less likely to maintain it in general. If your truck looks like it’s about to break down, then why bother putting money into simple maintenance and repairs, after all?
If you’re looking for ways that you can improve the appearance of your truck, then the following are five ideas that you might want to consider:

1. Apply Rust Coating

No matter how you use your truck, it’s underbody can be vulnerable to the formation of rust over the years — and no vehicle looks good once rust begins to form. This can happen as the salt and grime from the roads you drive on collects underneath the truck’s body. Applying a rust protection coating can help protect your truck and prevent rust from developing by keeping salt and moisture from collecting on its underbody.

2. Apply Rhino Liner

If you use your truck bed regularly to haul heavy objects around, then you’re going to quickly notice the formation of scratches, dents and other damage to your bed — no matter how carefully you tie down the loads you’re carrying. You can prevent visual flaws such as these from forming all over your truck bed by applying Rhino ™ HardLine ®, which is a coating that provides excellent resistance against abrasion and chemicals. It’s also a coating that you can simply spray on, making it easy to apply and much more effective than drop-in liners.

3. Wax Your Headlights

Your headlights can get cloudy and dull over time, especially if you take your truck off road or onto construction sites on a regular basis. Waxing your headlights can help restore your headlights to their original condition, not only improving their appearance but also helping to improve your nighttime visibility. Here at Z-One, we make use of a five-step 3M Headlight Restoration process to completely restore the clarity of your headlight lenses.

4. Tint Your Windows

Tinting your windows can help give your truck a sleek look. But tinted windows do much more than bolster the appearance of your truck, especially if you use a high-quality window tint, such as 3M Automotive Window Film. For example, 3M Automotive Window Tint blocks out 99 percent of the UV rays that shine through your windows. This can help to protect your truck’s interior, keeping it from fading over time.
Window tinting will also help to keep heat from penetrating through your windows during the summer seasons, thereby helping to make your truck more comfortable. Additionally, tinting your windows makes it more difficult to look into your truck, thereby improving your privacy and making it more difficult for potential thieves to scope out your belongings or equipment.

5. Protect Your Paint

Prevent your truck’s paint from premature fading, weathering and from bugs, bird droppings, and more by applying a Scotchgard Paint Protection Film on your hood, bumpers and door edges. Essentially, it works as an invisible protective barrier.

These are just a few ways that you can improve the appearance of your truck. In fact, these ideas will not only make your truck look better, they all offer numerous other benefits as well. For more information on how you can improve the appearance and function of your truck, be sure to contact us at Z-One today.

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