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5 Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Car


Cars are an extension of the person and they should look, feel and drive like one as well. Everyone is looking for a way to make upgrades and standout from the crowd. Put your own stamp on your vehicle by adding a little bit of color and shine or replacing a stock part or two. Here are five easy and appealing vehicle upgrades.

Tint Windows for Sun Damage

Tint is an affordable upgrade that offers several functional benefits. It lowers the interior temperature of your car on hot days, protects your interior, gives you a little privacy and looks cool, too. This simple upgrade gives vehicles an upscale look while increasing driver and passenger comfort. Professional auto-window-tint installation companies help owners choose the ideal shade of tint and provide an expert application for flawless results—no bubbles, creases or stretch marks. This upgrade has the additional benefits of blocking UV rays and protecting a vehicle’s upholstery from fading.

Wax Headlights

Plastic lenses can yellow with age, reducing headlight brightness. Polycarbonate headlights are susceptible to yellowing from UV rays. Many manufacturers put a film on the front of the headlights, which cuts down on the UV rays. When that film breaks down, the UV light can then penetrate more easily and cause yellowing or oxidation. Regular waxing may keep the film from breaking down as quickly.

However, the older the headlights are, the more prone they are to yellowing. Up to 80% of the light is lost due to cloudy, yellow headlights. To improve your safety while driving, oxidized headlights can be professionally restored to the clear brightness of new headlights without replacing them. The auto repair shop will strip the old coating completely off the lens and evenly apply an appropriate thickness of a new coating. Once the coating is completely dry, you have a crystal-clear headlight.

Rust Coating

Rust is a serious problem and spreads like a rash. It can shorten the lifespan and value of any vehicle.  Rustproofing and undercoating your vehicle can protect it from corrosion and rust. Your car’s underbody is extremely vulnerable. It comes into contact with corrosive substances such as salt, water, chemicals and other dirt and debris from the road on a daily basis. Without some sort of protection, the bottom of your vehicle can rust and corrode, leading to part failure.

For those looking to add some extra shine and protection to their vehicle, clear paint protection is a go-to upgrade. Owners can opt for full or partial front-end coverage, and custom coverage is available for rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights and more. The professionally installed clear paint protection helps maintain the vehicle’s original high-gloss shine, preserve value, and prevent paint chips and fading caused by rocks, bird droppings, and bug splatter.

Rhino Liner

A spray-on bed liner is perfect if you’re looking to get a more custom appearance and protection for your truck. This is applied by an application tool, kind of like spray paint, and simply adheres directly to the metal of your truck bed. It takes a little longer than installing a drop-in liner and is something that you’ll want a trained professional to install. Since it’s also slightly more complicated than just putting in a few bolts. 

With products like Rhino Liner, you don’t have to worry about dents or dings in your truck bed; even if it’s not as thick as a drop-in liner. This is thanks to the impact-resistant technology used in some of their products.

Neon & Underbody Lighting

This is a cool car modification if you literally want to stand out. The Neon Ground FX turns your car into moving disco lights. There are different colors you can choose from. It is not advised to flash your neon why you are driving. That can be dangerous. But lighting it up when you are stilling still is sure to get a few head turns.

Remember that sometimes a combination of small things can add up to make your ride truly special. For more information on upgrades and modifications for your car or truck, contact us Z-One for a free quote today.

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