Z-One Automotive Window Tinting 5 Myths About Window Tint Busted

5 Myths About Window Tint Busted

Adding tint to car windows does much more than make your ride look cool. It also keeps you and your passengers comfortable when the sun is shining bright. Perhaps more importantly, window tint will prevent others from seeing the valuables you store inside your vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of the most pervasive car window tint myths to separate the truth from the bald-faced lies.

Myth Number 1: Window Tint is Costly

Though window tint will cost more than a couple dollars, it will not set you back thousands. Prices differ based on the level of tint as well as the tint type you select. Even the company that performs the installation impacts the total price. This investment is well worth the money as it protects you, your passengers and the valuables stored inside your vehicle. Consider the potential costs of skin cancer, lost valuables, and/or an auto accident. Vehicle window tint dramatically reduces the odds of each of these from happening. Pay the little bit of money necessary to install window film and you will save plenty of money in the long run.

Myth Number 2: Window tint is a Superficial Addition Without any Real Benefit

In reality, window tint stops nasty UV rays from reaching your skin as well as the interior of your vehicle. This protection reduces the chances of skin cancer and the fading of your vehicle’s interior. Window tint even blocks solar glare so you do not have to shade your vision from reflected sunlight. It even provides privacy from onlookers who look into your vehicle for whatever reason. Add in the fact that window tint decreases the level of heat your vehicle takes when parked and it is easy to see why more people are opting to add this protective feature.

Myth Number 3: Window Tint Makes Vehicles Look Extremely Dark

The truth is vehicle owners can opt for the amount of window tint darkening they desire. Select the tint level you are looking for, make sure it adheres to state guidelines and you will have no worries. It is even possible to add window film that is nearly invisible.

Myth Number 4: Car Window Tint is not Worth the Money as It Inevitably Bubbles and Becomes Less Effective

Though fading and bubbles can form on window film, they are not as common as most think. Bubbles form when the window tint is not installed by a professional. Have a proven window tint aficionado perform the installation and you will have nothing to worry about. Keep in mind it will take upwards of two decades or longer for the window tint to fade. Most people sell their vehicle before it hits the 20-year mark. It is almost guaranteed your window tint’s quality will outlast the vehicle itself.

Myth Number 5: Window Tint Fortifies Windows so They do not Break

Window film does not strengthen windows to the point that it stops glass from shattering. However, it can decrease shattering in the event of a forceful impact. This is due to the fact that the window tint film holds the glass firmly intact.

Tint Your Vehicle Windows in Confidence

Now that you know the truth about car window tinting, you should not hesitate to have this film added to your vehicle’s windows. Window tint is surprisingly affordable, extremely effective and perfectly legal. Spread the word about window tint so everyone knows the truth about this commonly misunderstood vehicle feature. Better yet, add it to your vehicle today and you will enjoy all of the benefits outlined above.

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