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Rust Protection

New or used cars $499.95.  Z-One will protect your investment in a used car as much as in a new car. We start with a thorough under-body power wash and inspection for any existing rust. We then go a step further by applying protections against any future rust. Stop rust cold before it ever has a chance to do damage. Even with the advancements in rust prevention from auto manufacturing rust can and does still occur.


Rhino Linings

Our Rhino Lining is a non-skid, rubbery, durable coating that won’t rust, lift, crack or peel. Experience the difference a Rhino Liner will bring to your truck and add value as well as protection for years to come. Rhino Lining’s are also environmentally friendly, solvent-free so it resists petroleum products, fertilizer, and most chemicals and won’t warp or crack, even under the most rugged conditions.


Window Tinting

Most 4-door vehicles from $209.95. Normal price $229.95. Saving also available on 2-door vehicles varies depending on make/model. Window tinting offers your vehicle some definite advantages. First, it protects against UV sun fade and helps keep your car cooler during the hot summer months. It reduces sun and snow glare. Finally, it keeps your vehicle contents discreet and private.



Scotchgard Paint Protector creates a chemical bond that helps protect paint surfaces from bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, etc. If you’re planning on buying another car in a few years, Scotchgard Paint Protector helps protect the paint’s finish from premature fading and weathering and can help you get top dollar for your trade-in.


Headlight Restoration

Z-One can help you by restoring your vehicle’s headlights to its original state. By offering products from 3M we can provide you with the best knowledge and service to improve your visibility and overall driving performance by clearing the hazy residue that builds up on your headlights.



Z-One is much, much more than just an auto detailing and rust prevention provider. We are also the auto superstore for accessories such as Running Boards, Step Bars, Tonneau Covers Grille Guards, Wheels and Tires and much more.