Winter snow car winter problems. Visible hand of a man in a black jacket and glove which cleans the car from snow with the help of special brushes.

Why You Should Clean the Snow off Your Car


Winter snow car winter problems. Visible hand of a man in a black jacket and glove which cleans the car from snow with the help of special brushes.

Everyone who lives in an area that receives snow has seen snow-covered vehicles zooming along the roads. Some people are too lazy to clean the snow off of their vehicle. Others don’t have the proper snow-clearing equipment or are short on time. The failure to wipe all of the snow off of a car is a monumental mistake! Snow accumulation can damage a vehicle and even result in a nasty accident that harms the automobile as well as its occupants.

Possible Damage From Snow Buildup

Drivers who allow snow to accumulate on their vehicle run the risk of considerable damage that ends up being quite costly and/or painful. The failure to clear snow off of a vehicle can damage wiper blades, the roof rack, and, even, the vehicle’s motor. If heavy snow and grimy slush move forward along the windshield amidst braking, it could harm the wiper blades, arms, and linkage. This can also happen to the vehicle’s rear wiper. The failure to clear snow away from the bottom portion of the windshield can also cause extensive damage to the wiper systems.

Wipers should have a clear path to perform a full sweep cycle. Otherwise, the motor could overheat, the linkage could break, and the arm fasteners could be stripped. Snow can even harm your vehicle’s HVAC system.The majority of vehicle fresh air intakes are positioned slightly below the front wipers. If the vehicle is started and the heater is turned on, snow excess can flow into the system where it water logs the cabin air filter or creates issues with the heater control doors/linkage.

The Failure to Clean off Snow can Cause an Accident

The best reason to clean all the snow off your vehicle is to prevent an accident. The accumulation of snow on a vehicle can eventually dislodge when the vehicle is in motion. It might slide on down from the top of the vehicle onto the windshield and prevent a clear view of the road. It is even possible for the snow to fly off the vehicle and land on the windshield of another vehicle. Dislodged snow or ice can cause another driver to swerve out of the way and veer into another vehicle, resulting in a massive accident.

Driving a Snow-Covered Vehicle is Illegal

Those who fail to properly clean the snow off of their vehicle can be pulled over by a police officer and ticketed. Even frosted-over vehicle windows are a just cause for a ticket. Such a ticket can carry a major fine. Furthermore, the police officer will force such a driver to clean the snow and ice off of their vehicle before they can re-enter the road. Drivers should bite the bullet and get the snow-clearing work over with before driving.

How to Clean off Snow Without Damaging the Vehicle

Cleaning snow, ice, and slush off of a vehicle will be much easier with a high-quality snow brush. A long-handled foam brush will help you reach those difficult spaces and clean your vehicle in a manner that does not result in scratches. Just be sure to prevent your snow brush from touching the ground where it can accumulate grit that will scratch your vehicle. Don’t use a broom as it has rigid bristles that scratch paint.  

It is clear that failing to clean snow off of a vehicle has the potential to cause all sorts of havoc. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to clean off your vehicle, and you will make the roads that much safer for yourself and for other drivers. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.