Rust Protection Services

How many times has this happened to you… your car runs great, but is so rusted out that it looks terrible or you have to get rid of it? Some preventative care could help you avoid that situation. Z-One offers a variety of complete rust protection services and products. Here is some of what we can do to help you keep your car looking great for years to come…

June Sales Special

New Vehicle Rust Protection

Starting at $429.95 $379.95, save $50

  • Prevent Rust – Stop rust cold before it ever has a chance to do damage. Even with the advancements in rust prevention from auto manufacturing, rust can and does still occur.
  • Under Body Sealant – The salt and grime from the roads can quickly rust out the underbody of any vehicle. Our under body sealant will coat the structural metal and will also resist abrasions.
  • Upper Body Sealant – Wherever water, salt, and grime can collect is places where rust will start. We can provide an upper body sealant to penetrate seams, joint, and hidden areas to keep salt and moisture out and rust away.

Used Vehicle Rust Protection

Starting at $459.95 $409.95, save $50

These days some used vehicles cost as much as new cars did years ago. It makes sense to protect your investment in a used car as much as in a new car. We start with a thorough under body power wash and inspection for any existing rust. We then go step further by applying protections against any future rust.