Python Remote Starters

11PYTHON Responder One 4203P

2-Way SuperCode LED Remote Start System

Winner of the 2009 CES Innovations Award, Responder One offers one button remote start with range of up to 2,000 feet – plus LED confirmation! It’s our smallest 2-way remote starter ever. Includes two ultra-miniature 1-button 2-Way SuperCode remotes.

System Highlights

  • Defroster Output*
  • Parking Light Flash
  • Extreme Capacity Relays (XCR)
  • onboard D2D Port for optional plug-in XPRESSKIT vehicle interface
  • Horn Honk*
  • Unlock While Running*
  • Virtual Tach

* Additional parts and labor may be required

12PYTHON 5906 5906P

Responder HD Color SuperCode SST 2-Way Security and Remote Start System

NEW! Responder HD features Python’s most advanced color remote, operating a one-mile range, 2-Way security and remote start system with an upgraded user interface, mini-USB charging port and patented menu wheel.

System Highlights

  • One Mile Range with SST
  • Fail-Safe Starter Kill
  • 4 Auxiliary Outputs Channels for Optional Functions
  • Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP)
  • Neo Revenger Soft-Chirp 6-Tone Siren
  • Onboard Stinger Double-Guard remote-adjustable shock sensor
  • One Responder HD Color SuperCode 2-Way and One 5-Button 1-Way Dome Light Supervision

* One Mile Range based on line of sight, unobstructed testing in ideal conditions. Actual range will vary due to local conditions including but not limited to environment, terrain, physical obstructions, vehicle location and orientation, interference and other possible impediments.

* Additional parts and labor may be required

13PYTHON PS3000 PS3000

2-Way SmartStart Remote Start System

System Highlights

  • Optional Anti-grind D2D serial data interface for Xpresskit
  • D2D serial data interface modules
  • SmartStart™ Compatible
  • Extreme Capacity Relays (XCR) onboard
  • D2D serial data interface for Xpresskit D2D serial data interface modules
  • Adds 2-way functionality via SmartStart app, with security Smart Alerts and command confirmation
  • Flex Relays for remote start and light flash
  • Virtual Tach™ eliminates the need for a tach wire in most installations



Deluxe Universal Heated Seat Kit

Say goodbye to cold morning and night time driving!!! With the HSK-150 seat heater kit, you can make your drive a very comfortable and relaxing experience. Our seat heaters will provide comforting warmth through the seats cushion and backing way before your vehicle’s heater can heat up the interior. Seat heaters are a comfort and convenience feature that most of today’s drivers expect to have in any new vehicle. Now everyone can enjoy this luxury in almost any car, truck, SUV or van.

Installed correctly into your seat, the heating pads are invisible and will radiate warmth and comfort throughout the bottom and back cushions enhancing your driving experience for many years to come. The system uses innovative carbon fiber technology allowing the heating pads to be trimmed and curved to fit your seat’s contour and shape and still disperse heat quickly and effectively. The HSK-150 can also be wired into any remote start system which will allow it to turn on with your vehicle’s engine and be warmed up by the time you get into the car.

For those of you who live in an area where the thermometer spends most of the time in the negative or for those who just want their morning or night time drive to be a little more relaxing, having the luxury of a seat heater would be a true blessing.

530T, 529T

Window Control Module Window Automation System

The 530T Window Automation System controls the operation of two windows in both directions. The 530T can automatically roll up two power windows when a security system is armed, and will provide “one touch” up and down operation for both factory power window switches.*

* Additional parts and labor may be required