Auto Detailing Services

Bring Back That New Car Look and Feel

There is nothing like the feeling of driving a shiny clean car off the showroom floor and nothing beats that new car smell! Bring back some of that feeling with Z-One’s auto detailing service. We offer a complete auto detailing package that will make your car feel like new again. We offer…

Full Interior Detailing

Bringing back that new car smell starts with a thorough vacuum and spot clean for all fabrics and carpeting. Next we use a shampoo and hot water extraction to get the deep down dirt from seats and carpets. We clean and condition all leather, vinyl, and trim to bring back the luster. Finally, we meticulously clean, buff and detail the dashboard, instruments, and glass. What you are left with is a car that looks and feels as close to new as possible.

Full Exterior Detailing

tesla-cleanWe start by hand washing your vehicle with the same care we would wash one of our own cars. Our hand washing will completely remove the dirt, grime and residue. Then a high-speed D/A buffer is applied to your vehicle. Depending on the condition of vehicle’s paint, we will perform compounding, polishing, sealing and swirl mark removal. We specialize in removing swirl marks. Other shops cover these swirls with wax; we do an additional two-step process to assure your vehicle will be swirl free. We also buff and shine the chrome, trim, wheels and glass to make the car sparkle from top to bottom.

Swirl Mark Removal

This is achieved with a high-speed buffer and a two-step process. Whether your vehicle already has swirls or you’re worried about getting them, we are your specialists. We assure you a swirl-free finish. These steps are usually applied to darker colored vehicles.

Overspray Removal

Has your vehicle visited a body shop? A lot of times cars that have been painted end up with overspray – a very common mistake when a vehicle receives paint or body work. Bring it to us and let us finish the job the right way!

Engine Cleaning And Conditioning

We clean and condition the entire engine bay, under the hood, and then condition all rubbers, plastics, hoses and belts. Highly recommended if you are in the market to sell your vehicle.

3M Performance Wax Paint Sealant

This is recommended for paints that have gone through our full exterior detail or newer/freshly painted vehicles. Give your vehicle the extra protection it deserves. Lasts between 4-6 months. Applied by hand.

Hand Wash

$25 – $60

  • Complete exterior hand wash
  • Wheels, tires, wheel wells cleaned & dressed
  • Wipe down dash, vacuum interior, & windows cleaned inside & out

Express Detail

$60 – $140

  • Complete exterior hand wash & wax
  • Wheels, tires, wheel wells cleaned & dressed
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Wipe down dash, and windows cleaned inside & out

Full Interior Detail


  • Shampooing of carpets, floor mats, upholstery, & trunk
  • Clean & condition leather
  • Dash, vents, knobs cleaned, detailed, & conditioned
  • Windows cleaned from interior
  • Every nook & cranny is cleaned, disinfected, and conditioned

Full Exterior Detail


  • Complete exterior hand wash & wax
  • Remove all bug & tar stains
  • Wheels, tires, wheel wells cleaned & dressed
  • High-speed buffer is used to apply compound polish, sealant, and swirl mark removal (dependant on paint condition & color)
  • Performance Wax Paint Seal

Interior & Exterior Full Detail


  • Everything we can possibly do to your vehicle – the works!!!

Please note that all prices depend on the size, condition, and color of the vehicle.

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